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Hi, my name's Altesse and I am offering a versatile and unique personal training service at a private personal training studio off Lordship Lane. There I utilise an array of equipment and training methods to ensure that all sessions are fun, challenging and work towards achieving your exercise goals.

As a personal trainer I am committed to using my knowledge and skills to help create the change in you. I believe the underpinnings of Exercise Psychology are fundamental to the success of any embracement of behaviour change and thus my holistic, educational approach to health & fitness arm my clients with the tools that enable them to tackle saboteurs head on. This in the short and certainly long term keeps my clients strong, focused and determined in reaching their goals. As a direct result of my approach, clients describe me to ‘have a natural ability to motivate you to go the extra mile’. Add to this, I am known for my fun 1-2-1 workouts and this is reflected in the way in which I conduct my personal training sessions.

Call 07886 176 893 now to book your FREE consultation and for further queries.

Thank you for your time.


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