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Bear Drills is a community based, outdoor fitness class.

Bear Drills Fitness aims to create a positive lifestyle change, providing you with a workout that is effective and efficient.

Great for people who are looking to:
- Burn fat
- Gain muscle
- Boost metabolism
- Improve general health
- It's also a great way to supplement your weekly gym or fitness routine.

Held in Dulwich Park from 7- 8pm every Wednesday and Thursday. We meet in the car park by the College Road entrance of Dulwich Park at 6:45.

Sessions cost £7 or you can take advantage of the block-booking offer and get 5 sessions for £30!

For your free trial session email Tom at hello@bear-drills.com or alternatively tweet @bear_drills and quote "I'm going on a bear hunt".

Check Out the Facebook Page (and like to keep up to date!) by searching Bear Drills Fitness or Instagram - bear_drills_fitness

All are welcome! Looking forward to meeting you.

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