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We are guiding students and their families as they seek educational consulting advice to search for best international boarding schools. We contact our families with guardians all over the world. We visit schools with our families. We also offer finding the right tutoring services during the private boarding school placement and college admissions process.

• Development of the student profile

Differences in British, American, Swiss boarding schools and education systems, IB boarding schools or Alevels?, girls, boys only boarding schools or co-educational schools, military schools choice, therapeutic schools (for teenagers having some addiction problems), boarding schools for gifted children (with high IQ), performing arts schools, artistic, music, ballet, fashion boarding schools, equestrian boarding schools, football, soccer, rugby and other sports boarding schools, state boarding schools for EU passport holders, private boarding schools, Christian Catholic Boarding Schools, Non-Religious Boarding Schools, Ellite/Prestigious Boarding Schools

• Secondary School/ Private College curricular and extracurricular guidance

• Standardized test selection and preparation/ selecting tutors /finding guardians/hosting families

• Research and selection of secondary schools and colleges – best options for future university entry

• Preparing the best application for boarding schools for girls/boarding schools for boys/co-educational boarding schools

• Organisational issues for campus tours and interviews
• Planning visits
• Successful tours and interviews

• Choosing admittance options for top boarding schools: early admission, rolling admission, early writes and regular admission, transfer to an international school, relocating to another country and continent.

• Educational alternatives: summer boarding schools, language schools, 'gap years', non-traditional educational options, internships, and secondary postgraduate opportunities, entering an international boarding school for a short period of time (for a example for a trial)

• Financial aid options

• Crisis management due to health, student disciplinary issues, or family difficulties, selecting the right therapeutic boarding schools

• Guidance and support for college students

Dear Parents! Please contact us to obtain information on how to choose your best boarding school!

Our email address is info@best-boarding-schools.net

We offer FREE OF CHARGE services to all international parents interested in choosing the best boarding school option for their son or daughter.

Please contact us - describing the details of your situation and what you are looking for.

We will offer you our consultancy to help you choose the best option so you can be sure you made a right decision.

We will also travel with you to see and evaluate the school in UK or any country in the world you are interested in! This service is paid for, please make an enquiry, if interested to use our consulting advice.

With a network of highly experienced international educational consultants all over the world we are pleased to assist you in boarding schools placements such as:

Boarding schools in UK
Boarding schools in USA
Boarding schools in Switzerland
Boarding schools in Australia
Boarding schools in New Zealand
Boarding schools in France
Boarding schools in Spain
Boarding schools in Argentina
Boarding schools in Africa
Boarding schools in Asia

We speak English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and many other languages.

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