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An exhilerating outdoor bootcamp designed to work every inch of your body and push you beyond all your physical limits. Like no other workout bootcamp improves your fitness, cardio capacity, muscle tone & strength, reduces fat & improves anerobic thresholds..Its training for all kinds of people.
Great for people looking to change their training or those who need a push!

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Bodyfit Bootcamp

Bodyfit bootcamp is brilliant. It has made me more confident, tolerant and able, especailly with the help of the trainers to egg me on- they give me the courage to get through the lessons. The lessons are intense but fun at the same time, it leaves me feeling refreshed and exhilarated. Bodyfit is an excellent alternative for the gym and it is successful and your guaranteed results.

Pinky Charles 5 19 March, 2010

Bodyfit Bootcamp

Its a great work and its fun. The sessions tackle all areas of the body with a variety of activities that keep you focused, and that takes it away from being a choir and becoming a hobby. Bootcamp has definitely enhanced my fitness levels and sharpness in football.

Kevin George 5 17 March, 2010

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