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Darren Gray Health & Fitness is a pioneering Dulwich based personal training and fitness service provider to a wide variety of clients. As part of our ethos we are always looking for innovative ways of working with our clients towards improving their health and achieving their exercise goals. At our exclusive personal training studio in East Dulwich we offer a versatile and unique personal training service providing effective and efficient workouts plus nutritional advice which support physical activity patterns.

We are very passionate about what we do and all members of our team have a vast array of knowledge, expertise, qualifications and experience which have supported our development as leading professionals of Health and Fitness. As a team we are driven by success in helping clients to achieve their results. Thus, whatever your Health and Fitness goals are we are confident we can assist you in maximising your capacity to achieve results.

Our personal trainers are happy to have a discussion with you about your goals, training packages, training times and answer any questions that you have about our services. If you would like more information regarding our work please check out our website. www.darrengrayfitness.com
Alternatively you can contact us on 07904331044

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