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Friendly, creative, fun and enjoyable lessons from a passionate and attentive tutor. Lessons are tailored to the needs of each pupil and all ages and abilities are welcome.

About me - I have been making a living from guitar playing since the age of 19 performing in various outfits around the UK and the rest of the world. My favourite gigs so far have been supporting Erykah Badu in Switzerland and performing at Montreal, North Sea and Glastonbury festivals with Andreya Triana.

I taught guitar and bass at the Hall School in Wimbledon for 3 years and have taught privately for 6 years. I have also assisted in teaching work at ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) and taken part in various workshops in schools.

On a personal note, way before any formal training, I grew up playing by ear in a large musical family with lots of creative interaction. This grounding in an aural approach to learning really helped my development and is something I like to pass on to students.

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