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Need to organise an event?
Don't have time to spend on creating something beautiful?

Get it organised for you and you'll have a unique and memorable event for a reasonable price.
Choose your preferences and everything can be done in 1-4 weeks depending on type of the event.
We specialise on organising events that are full of atmosphere, feel cosy, make people comfortable and open and that look simply beautiful.

Specialising on using unique places with a strong atmosphere and specific character.
Avoiding square rooms with white walls.
Your requirements are the priority.

We collaborate with the most wonderful food suppliers who are as fair to their honest products as to their clients.
Your food will be delicious, made out of home-grown products always in an inspiring design.

Depending on your preference you can have a space full of candles, having simple but effective natural decorations or themed event with special decorations according to the theme. Just ask us and we will give you an advice.

Our main contacts are circus performers, acrobats, magicians, musicians, story tellers and all other sorts of unseen human wonders who will make your event stay in everybodys' memory for ever.

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