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Hi, I’m Kat, a 26yr old freelance Personal Trainer based in South London. I train clients with a variety of health and fitness goals, but my specialties include kickboxing based sessions; weight management (weight loss, muscle building and toning); and sport-specific training.

I aim to make the sessions as fun and hands-on as possible, avoiding repetitive and monotonous activities. Prices can include any necessary fitness testing, a written programme with progressions for you to follow when in the gym, nutritional analysis, and any advice you could possibly need.

I offer a no-strings-attached free session upfront so that you have an idea of exactly what you would be signing up for. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and requests, whether these sessions are for solo’s, couples or small groups. I am now training in a park near you, and with sessions for as little as £25 for the hour, you can’t go wrong! Contact me today to see how I can help you become exactly who you want to be.

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