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New Gallery Jumble is a place to shop with a clear conscience. With a heartfelt belief in sustainability, stalls offer only up-cycled, re-purposed or second hand things in the form of quality hand crafted creations. Carefully selected vintage and bric-a-brac items exist alongside 'WORK SHOPS' that encourage people to make something new from something old, and various pop up attractions like an 'ILLUSTRATION BOOTH' where you can come and have yourself drawn a beautiful portrait, on recycled paper of your choice of course! Affordability and accessibility are values we hold dear - at the 'MAKE IT LAST' stall you can use our resources to revive old garments for free, sewing buttons and fixing holes! Our bargain bins mean you can also rummage and save! Delicious food & drink is always available, freshly made in the New Gallery London kitchen

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