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Our Theatrebugs After School Club is suitable for 3.5 -6 year olds and takes place on Thursday afternoons from 4-5pm in The Goose Green Centre, 62A East Dulwich Road, SE22 9AT.

It starts on the 19th of January and runs until the 29th of March, with a break on the 16th of February for half term.

It certainly is an action packed hour! We start the class with the interactive story of the week. This term our theme is “People Who Help Us” and so each week the children hear a different story- with lots of characters that they love pretending to be like fairies, pirates, princesses and goblins!
After the story they go on an adventure, sing some songs (about caterpillars turning into butterflies etc..) and learn some dances! The hour is crammed with games and everything is done in a real fun and imaginative way.... encouraging the children to just be children.

Classes are only £8.50 a week and are paid termly. Contact us for a free trial class!

www.theatrebugs.co.uk 08009755290 enquiries@theatrebugs.co.uk

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